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An introduction: From part 22

(Introduction:Only a part from part 22)
Part 22 "Spirit"

Obon is a Buddhist word which Urabon (Festival of the dead) is shortened to, and which is a Buddhist festival to recognize the spirits of the dead. It's believed that "the kettle of iron in hell is opened" on this day. I don't know why it's on the specific day but it must be for the spirits of the dead in hell. The spirits which went to heaven must not need it because they are happy up there and have no lingering regret, I think. As for Bon Odori (bon dance festival), it is said that it was originally created from a scene where the spirits of the dead that escaped from their drudgery in hell were dancing with joy. That is, the Bon Odori (bon dance festival) is a festival which is for the spirits from hell... It's creepy, isn't it? I wonder, who has seen the dance of the spirits of the dead from hell? Have you done the test of courage or Kaidan (Ghost Stories) telling before? I guess you've done it once, such as going to the gravesite or shrine and so on in a middle of the night with a torch or candle to see how brave you are...It's scary to walk in the dark...Well, are there ghosts? People usually get afraid of the dark. I wonder if it's because they are scared of the ghosts. There was an experiment and as a result of weighing a dead body, it was found to be a little lighter than when being alive. So, one suggested that each spirit has a weight based on that result. The other even suggested that our body is only a container which contains our spirit.(....continues)


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